Lucky Break at the Antique Store

22 01 2011
  1. 1971 Candino Automatic. It will need a new band asap and some TLC, but at $8, it was a must buy…
  2. A Seiko Quartz…very thin, the crystal is in great shape, and it seems to be the original band.
  3. I try to avoid buying womens watches. They just don’t sell very well and obviously I’m not going to wear it. However, when $8 buys a Bulova this clean…its a sure thing.
  4. I have my work cut out for me with the deep red faced Crawford, but I’m a sucker for stainless steel flex bands and a sweeping second hand.
  5. The art deco Elgin is without band or a crown. I was able to get it to set and tick though so I know the movement is good/salvageable.  I haven’t yet decided on rebuilding it, or stripping it for parts since its in pretty good condition.
  6. The Movado was my big win! I LOVE the look and feel of this one. Classic looks and has kept great accuracy for the past 36 hours. Very impressive for under $20!!






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